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Hay Testing - Mid-Northwest-Central Indiana


Keith Johnson 494-4800

If you are looking for someplace to get your hay tested, check with your local Extension Office.  Links can be found on the Resources page (when they get done).

Prohibit (levamasole) Dosage

Packets of Prohibit come with a Standard and a Drench solution mixture instruction.

BE SURE TO DOSE ACCORDING TO THE WAY YOU MIXED THE PROHIBIT SOLUTION.   If you mix according to standard solution instructions, you'll dose in ounce increments. If you mix according to drench solution instructions, you must dose in the ml increments.


We use the Concentrated Drench Solution Instructions because the amount given contains much less water and thus is a smaller amount and the chance of getting the goat to actually swallow active ingredient is much higher.



For use with 20 mL Automatic Syringe. (we use single syringes with dose attachments). Place the contents of each packet in a standard household measuring container and add water to the 17 1/2 fl oz level. Swirl until dissolved. Give 2 mL per 50 lb body weight.

Weight     Drench Dosage    Packet Treats       (ml is same as cc)

50 lb                2 ml                 256 head

100 lb              4 ml                 128 head

150 lb              6 ml                   84 head

200 lb              8 ml                   64 head


Each 52 gm packet contains 46.8 g of levamisole hydrochloride activity.  These instructions are included on each packet of Prohibit.

Steve's Goat Milk Recipe

  • 5 CUPS MILK (2% is ok)
  • 1 CAN MILNOT (12 ounce)
  • 1 CUP BUTTERMILK (can be reconstituted powder)
Feed at 99 to 101 degree temp for 1st 2 weeks. then lower to room temperature to prevent digestive problems. We recommend using an all milk goat milk replacer, but this will get you buy in a pinch.

Diatamaceous Earth (DE)

Diatamaceous Earth is being used by many producers as an aid in helping control internal parasites. It is not a dewormer and there has been some research that shows it is ineffective as a dewormer. We believe that not enough research has been done and we also believe research under the proper conditions has not been conducted. We have used DE in our pelleted goat feed for several years. We are in Indiana and deal with a lot of wet, humid conditions and have found that putting DE in our feed has cut down on our need to deworm. We also follow other management practices that aid in our efforts, including rotation of pastures, not letting goats graze on grass shorter than 8 inches and culling goats who get repeat parasite infestations.


Until recently we did not have any direct evidence of how well the DE was working, we just know that once we started using it, we had many goats that we did not have to deworm and we only had to deworm a couple of times a year for any of the others. Last January we changed manufactures of our pelleted feed and they did not have DE available. So our goats were fed feed without DE from January through April 24. By April, we found over half of our herd had to be dewormed. Since that, we've changed manufacturers because we don't have the time or the money to spend on all those dewormers.


We use 20 to 21 lbs of diatamaceous earth per ton of feed.

Whitening Show Chickens

Wash first with shampoo (Sullivan's Clear choice or a light dish soap like basic Joy or Ivory)


Wash in vinegar water with 2 drops of bluing agent


Wash in glycerin-water solution