Buck Corrals

When we went looking for our first Boer bucks we decided to go with what we believed were "tried and true" bloodlines. Well, as "tried and true" as we could find in an industry in its infant stages in the U.S. So we purchased bucks that had already been used at least 1 season by someone else whose program we respected. Over the years we made some great choices, and as is usually the case, there were a couple of our choices that could have been better.
AABG NBD "POWER PLAY" Registration No: 10687709
Birthdate: September 14, 2014
Total Points: 9 Progeny Points: 72
We purchased Power Play from Able Acres in the spring of 2015. He has produced a lot of show does. We don't normally show bucks, but we did take Power Play to a couple of shows. He was reserve grand overall, in addition to being reserve junior buck that summer. We don't normally show bucks, but we did take Power Play to a couple of shows.
power play
AFB2 "AVALANCHE" Registration No: 10684000
Birthdate: December 1, 2014
Total Points: 20
We purchased Avalanche from Mark Fraser and Wade Anderson late Summer 2015. He was shown shown at several shows and was Champion Full Blood buck at several as well as Champion or Reserve Junior Full blood Buck at several others. He has produced good quality breeding does and a lot of show does. We discovered Avalanche at a show in Illinois, and we showed him at a couple other shows before sending him to the breeding pen.
Lewis Creek "STING" *Ennobled* Registration No: 10367359
Birthdate: January 6, 2007
Total Points: 485 Passed Inspection: 2007
We leased Sting from Paul Kinslow and Greg Patterson for the 2011 breeding season. He added width of body, depth and thickness to to the hindquarters of our new kid crops. We liked him so well that we bought him in 2012 even though he was an older buck. He was extremely successful in the show ring and produced many show does and wethers.

Red Gate "KOJACK" Registration No: 10458952
Birthdate: November 15, 2007
Total Points: 102 Passed Inspection: 2010
We purchased KOJACK from Taylor Sell in 2013. Bailey Bergherm originally had the buck and the picture here is from her buck page. In spite of being dehorned, Kojack was very successful in the show ring and was champion orreserve champion over all fullblood buck at several shows.

kojack 2
2M "BABY FACE" Registration No: 10525947
Birthdate: January 15, 2011
Total Points: 90 Passed Inspection: 2011
We purchased Baby Face from 2M Boer Goats (Paul & Kim Morgan) at the 2011 Headliner Sale. The cross between him and the does we used him on was very good. He was successful in the show ring and was grand or reserve overall Fullblood buck at several shows.
babyface big
TLB AABG "TOTALLY RIPPED" *Sire of Merit* Registration No: 10408673
Birthdate: April 8, 2007
Total Points: 128 [Sire of Merit - 2010]
We added Totally Ripped, a Ripper son bred by Terry and Melissa Blair out of a Status Quo doe in 2008. Although he never entered the show ring, he has been extremely successful as a stud buck, one of our top 3, and we kept many of his does in spite of selling several as show does.
AABG NBD "TAILOR MADE" Registration No: 10500770
Birthdate: March 2, 2010
Total Points: 30
Tailor Made is a SomeBody son, that we bought from Lary Duncan (Able Acres). He did well in the show ring (pictured at 3 months old) - Grand Junior Full Blood Buck twice, and Reserve Overall Full Blood Buck. He is co-owned with Nathan Duncan, R1 Boer Goats, and Thornridge Boer Goats.
AABG NBD "MAESTRO" Registration No: 10492480
Birthdate: June 2, 2009
Total Points: 58
Maestro (our Status Quo son) was very successful in the 2010 show ring - Grand Champion Overall at Henry Co Fair in Illinois (both shows), and at two of the Indiana Boer Goat Classic shows. In all he was Reserve Champion Full Blood Buck five times. He produced competitive wethers as well as show does, but his does were some of the most beautiful does we've seen. He was co-owned with Nathan Duncan. We sold our interest in Maestro in 2012 after using him for three years.
maestro big
Downen T138 "BOILERMAKER" Registration No: 10316038
Birthdate: October 15, 2005
Total Points: 155
We purchased Boilermaker from Ewing Downen in 2006. He was Grand Champion or Reserve Champion at almost every show where we exhibited him. The judge at the KY state Fair where he was Grand Champion Overall, described him as the best Boer buck he'd seen. Boilermaker has been our most prolific show stock producer. He had many daughters, granddaughters and great granddaughters show as champions and reserve champions. Surprisingly, he also produced several champion and reserve champion wethers.
Peacock T12 "BO-VISION" Registration No: 10259938
Date of Birth: January 29, 2005
Total Points: 110
We added Bo Howdy bloodlines to our breeding program with the purchase of Bo Vision in 2005. Bo Vision was very successful in the show ring and a top producer of wethers as well as one of our top producers of show does. His kids are flashy, but still complete and breed standard correct. He produced many champions, including both the 2007 and 2009 Indiana State Fair Grand Champion Wethers. Bo Vision was Reserve Champion Junior Buck at the 2005 IL State Fair, and 2nd in class at both the 2005 KY and IN State Fairs. He was 3rd in his class at the 2005 North American International Livestock Expo (NAILE). He was used heavily from then on and not shown again. Bo Vision was sold to R1 Boer Goats in 2008.
Peacock Der V21 "BO BUCK" Registration No: 10317123
Birthdate: January 30, 2006
Total Points: 10
Progeny Points: 63
We bought Bo Buck, another Bo Howdy son in 2006. While we hadn't planned on showing him we took him to one show at the Indiana Boer Goat Classic where he won his class and was Reserve Champion Junior Buck. Bo Buck threw lots of color and produced many eye-catching show does and wethers who did well in the show ring. He also produced champions for our customers. We sold Bo Buck to Miller Boer Goats in 2008 after using him for two years.

bobuck big

Downen S160 "SPORT" Registration No: 10252339
Birthdate: October 6, 2004
Total Points: 65 Progeny Points: 15
We bought this 7 year old frozen embryo from Ewing Dowen in 2005. We wanted some more of the old bloodlines and Sport, who was a double-bred Ubora **ennobled** along with Lobola SA *ennobled* on his dam side, was perfectfor what we wanted. We believe that Sport was one of the finest Boer buck we have ever found. He was described as the "perfect Boer buck" by three different judges, including John Edwards. He was Grand Champion Overall Buck at the 2005 North American International Livestock Expo (NAILE). He was Grand Champion Junior Buck at the 2005 Illinois State Fair, and Grand Champion Overall Boer Buck at the 2005 Kentucky State Fair. Sport never placed less than division champion in every show he attended. We lost Sport before we could use him as heavily as we had wanted, but we have a group of Sport offspring in our breeding program, and are planning on using some of his semen in 2016.
FSE 3211 "PROTO TYPE" Registration No: 10212771
Birthdate: December 12, 2003
Total Points: 78 Passed inspection: 2006
We fell in love with Proto Type when he was a baby, and bought half interest in him from Lary Duncan in 2004. He was the 2004 IN State Fair Grand Champion Overall Buck, and was the Reserve Champion Junior Buck at the 2004 North American International Livestock Expo (NAILE). Proto Type produced several show does for us and we kept a core group of his daughters and their offspring in our brood doe group. We sold our interest in him to JAE Boer Goats and King Boer Goats in 2005.
prototype big

Spanish Goat Gathering

Saturday, September 2, 2023
at Lane Agri Park, Murfreesboro, Tennessee.
Sale consignments will be posted in July. We are selling 5 Kensing does and the Weinheimer buck we purchased on the 2021 Goat Gathering. Pictures of his offspring can be seen on the buck corral page.
Whitworth Buck (Kensing bloodlines-Certified Gold)
Lot of 5 Kensing PB Does (Certified Gold)
Lot of 5 Kensing-Weinheimer PB Does (Certified Gold)

Direct from the Farm

Currently Available
These are twin buck kids out of a certified Gold Weinheimer Doe and Buck. They were born on .