Welcome to the Meat Goat Corrals on the Black Rock barrens in Western Indiana

Glad you stopped by. We're the Dahnkes and some of us have been messing around with livestock almost all our lives. We have 4 generations of livestock breeders and 3 generations of showmen in our family.
We sell breeding stock, show stock, show wethers and commercial stock. Everything we sell is breed standard correct, and we don't keep any does that are not willing and able to kid and raise kids on their own. We will assist first timer moms and also our elderly does.  

We offer the Boers on a couple of sales each year and also generally have a few available for private sales. For the Boer wether sales we open the barns in April and allow viewing by appointment. We sell our Spanish stock direct off the farm as well as at the Spanish Goat Gathering, each September in Tennessee. If you want to talk to us or perhaps visit the farm, please feel free to give us a jingle.

Sale Prospects