Welcome to the Meat Goat Corrals at SnA Farms

on the Black Rock barrens in Western Indiana
Hi There. Glad you stopped by. In case you're wondering, we're the Dahnkes.  Some of us have been messing around with livestock for over 40 years and we have 3 generations of showmen in our family. We've been raising fullblood and percentage Boer goats for 21 years. When we switched from Hampshire Sheep to goats back in the 1990's we also had several grade Spanish goats. The Spanish goats are great mothers and today, the purebred Spanish goat is an endangered species. Last year we decided to get back into Spanish gaots and are now Certified Gold Breeders as well as Boer goat breeders.

2010 was a Great Year for our Program and a long time goal was achieved.
Twins, Minnie and Pearl two of our best show does did well at 2011 NAILE. Their dam was Charisma, a great doe we got from Gary and Sandy Duncan (Able Acres).
Downen 163, Sport was an outstanding buck.  He was grand overall several times, including NAILE.
We're founding members of the American Goat Federation, lifetime members of USBGA (U.S. Boer Goat Association), and members of ABGA (American Boer Goat Association).  We're also members of IBGC (Indiana Boer Goat Classic), and IMGA (Illinois Meat Goat Association).
We sell breeding stock, show stock and show wethers. We sell a few bucks, but only the very best we produce. The rest get wethered. We sell show wethers in the Spring, and open the barns to potential buyers in early April, depending on our kidding season. Early on, we sold show wethers at our All Star Sale at our store in West Lafayette. in 2013 we began cutting our herd back (we had run 550 or so head of percentage and fullblood Boer goats for several years), so we changed the All Star Sale to a private treaty sale and moved it to our farm.  

When we have breeding stock or show stock or bucks available, pictures will be posted on this website and on the farm face book page. We open our farm on Sundays to visitors who are welcome throughout the year, except when we are kidding. If you want to talk to us, please feel free to give us a jingle. If you are interested in visiting the farm, call or email to make an appointment.

Thanks to the buyers of the 6 young does we sold on the Fall 2021 Tri-State Traditions sale, on Saturday, September 18.


We strive to raise goats that are productive, consistent, competitive, and pretty with good Boer breed character, and meet the Boer goat breed standards. With the exception of really old does and first timers, our does must kid on their own and raise their kids without a lot of assistance. Every once in a while there may be a problem, but in our opinion having to spend time assisting births is a sign of selection problems.  We've found our Boers to be wonderful animals who have individual personalities and who can be very bossy with other goats, and us.


Percentage and Purebred Boer does make up the majority of our program. Our does are balanced without too wide a front end, but still with adequate bone and muscle. The Boer goats are beautiful animal but many of the full bloods tend to be stockier and wider at the shoulder than at the hips. This is ok for bucks, but can cause birthing problems for does. We want some of that Boer bulk, but also want balance and style. In fact, most of our full blood show winners have been Purebreds.  With purebreds, you still have some of that hybrid vigor and avoid many of the problems the fullblood Boer goats present.

When we went looking for our first bucks we decided to go with what we believed were "tried and true" bloodlines. Well, as "tried and true" as we could find in an industry in its infant stages in the U.S. So we purchased bucks that had already been used at least 1 season by someone else whose program we respected. Over the years we made some great choices, and as is usually the case, there were a couple of our choices that could have been better.