Doe Corrals

S2 TESSA - Registration No: 10105073

tessa best naile Birthdate:  12/31/2000

When we told folks we were looking for high quality percentage does, they all said to go to Sisters II.  We did and we were very fortunate to purchase some outstanding stock from them.  Tessa is the first percentage doe we bought from Sisters II.  The first show we showed her at was the 2002 North American International Livestock Expo (NAILE) where she was grand champion overall percentage Boer doe.   Tessa was not only successful in the show ring, but she was also a great mother and raised 4 sets of triplets, and the years she didn't have triplets she had twins.  We have several does from her bloodlines in our doe herd.

S2 FANCY TRICK - Registration No: 10138607

s2 fancy 2 s2 fancy 1 Birthdate:  4/20/2002

We bought several does from the Sisters.  Fancy is probably the best doe we got from them, and if not the best she's right up there with Tessa.  We showed both of these does and Fancy did as well or better than Tessa in the show ring.  She earned 143 ennoblement points before we stopped showing her, but even if she wasn't being shown we'd take her along because she loved going and was always waiting at the gate when we were loading the show string.    While Fancy didn't ever produce triplets, she kidded and raised twins every year, and we have several does from her bloodlines in our doe herd.

S2 R-14 Registration No: 10194601

2005 champ and reserv - tessa and fancy Birthdate:  4/11/2003

S2 R-14 is another Sisters doe that did well for us in the show ring and also as a  brood doe.   At this show she was Grand overall and Fancy was reserve overall.


S2 LEDA:  2/24/1999 ~~~  Registration No: 10040827

S2 LEDA is Fancy Trick's dam.

S2 M-38:  12/12/2000 ~~~ Registration No:10104783

S2 P-44:  11/2/2002 ~~~ Registration No:10164538

S2 S-442:  5/1/2004 ~~~ Registration No:10225410

S2 Caroline:  5/30/2005 ~~~ Registration No:10286821

S2 S-10 - Registration No: 10218560

S-10 doe - sisters 2 s-10 doe - sisters 2-2 Birthdate:  3/31/2004

S-10 is another of the Sisters does that was very successful in the showring.  These pictures are from 2006 where she was champion at both shows, and she was grand percentage doe at the 2007 Illinois State Fair.  She also produced several does for us and her descendants are also part of our doe herd.

AABG Charisma - Registration No: 10447353

illinois.fair-2009 067a Charisma Birthdate:  8/22/2008

We fell in love with this doe when Sandy was showing us through the barns, and we consider ourselves very lucky that she was willing to sell Charisma to us. Charisma was not only successful in the show ring, but her offspring have also done well.

Agnew - Registration No:

IMG_1338 Birthdate:

We were surprised and pleased when Brenda let us purchase 1/2 interest in this doe. She did extremely well in the show ring and we consider a great addition (on a shared basis) to our program.